(2/15/19): ‘Renegade Express’ remainders, CFB ‘free agency’, all-time FSU villians

February 15, 2019

More from the mailbag...


Music: Microwave - but not often


(2/14/19): Feel the love, man! ‘RenEx’, portal blues, dunking on Deacs

February 14, 2019

'Renegade Express' love letters, FSU crushes, most fitting to date your daughter, James Blackman's 'feelings' and more.

(29:00): Dickerson to the portal -- optics vs. production

(42:43): 6th straight win for the men's hoops team


(2/11/19): Blaming fans, hoops coming into form, softball starts hot

February 11, 2019

Aslan is not buying your "it's the fans fault" lamentations

(17:00) Hoops team: pretty, pretty, prettyyyy good

(32:37) Softball out the gates, 5-0.

(35:45): Anthony Edwards, good night sweet prince

(40:30) Unconquered spirit at hoops game

Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst


(2/8/19): No panic but a problematic situation ahead, ‘Renegade Express’ Mailbag

February 7, 2019

Corey and Aslan plow thru the weekly 'Renegade Express' mailbag. The double-edged sword of a grad transfer QB, as we sit in February what are we thinking is the way forward and much more.

Music: Microwave - Dull


(2/7/19): Plans, back-up plans, culture changers and Taggart’s transparency

February 7, 2019

No QB signees for FSU once again -- the ding to depth, the optics, the its-not-so-bad side of things.

Appreciating Taggart's candor

(26:30) Michael Langston breaks down up Tribe19

Music: ZHU - Generationwhy, Mariah Carey - Breakdown


(2/6/19): Orange crushed, Signing Day preview, the odd science of recruiting

February 6, 2019

Noles crush 'Cuse in Carrier Dome

(10:40) Michael Langston provides a final outlook for Signing Day

(20:45) Recruiting class likely to be inside Top 20 -- but that always happens, right?

Music: Nas - Nas Is Like, Jay-Z - Streets Is Watching, Story So Far - If I Fall


(2/4/19): The ‘MLP’ - Michael Langston Podcast with the latest FSU recruiting update

February 4, 2019

Michael Langston gives an overview of what FSU accomplished on the final recruiting weekend of the cycle, how they stack up for QB John Rhys Plumlee and how they positioned themselves for the Class of 2020




(2/3/19): Deondre Francois dismissed from Florida State football program

February 3, 2019

Corey and Aslan react to Sunday's dismissal of Francois after a video surfaced over the weekend with an alleged domestic assault.




(1/31/19): Taggart with a nice touch, ‘Renegade Express’

January 31, 2019

Taggart attends funeral of player's mother.

Renegade Express -- randomness, two-sport stars, a whole lot of shaming Aslan into becoming a booster and he (almost?) caves


(1/29/19): The virtue of being a booster, potential Cinderella stories at FSU

January 29, 2019

Being a fan and not being a booster -- the tricky dynamic.
A tangible example of where money is an issue for football currently.
What walk-on could make a difference for FSU in 2019.

Music: Kraedt - You Can Find It