(12/14/18): Recruiting update, analysis from Michael Langston

December 14, 2018

Warchant.com recruiting analyst Michael Langston previews the upcoming recruiting weekend for FSU with key prospects and updates.




(12/13/18): ‘Renegade Express’ — bothered by Briles, QB talk, FSU’s cachet, ‘no-win’ situation

December 13, 2018

Listener mailbag including questions regarding...

- Thoughts on a grad transfer QB
- The connotation attached to the Briles name
- FSU's pull to lure coaches
- Coachspeak for 2019

and much, much more.

Music: Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood


(12/12/18): Popped a flat

December 12, 2018

Apologies, loyal listeners -- we ran out of juice (twice!) so today's episode features incomplete, disjointed thoughts about the on-going search for an OC. We'll make it up on Thursday. Thanks for hanging in there!


(12/11/18): Froze out, burnin’ for Briles.

December 11, 2018

Freeze is a Flame, next man up! FSU's search looks to be zeroing in on Kendal Briles -- the guys share their thoughts on how the search is coming along, FSU cracking the Top 10 in men's hoops, Corey's Heisman pick and more.


(12/6/18): ‘Renegade Express’ - Freeze fit, other options at OC, reasons for hope

December 6, 2018

Quick thoughts on Hugh Freeze's past.

'Renegade Express' mailbag: discussion on Brian Burns's NFL future, surprised Bell got a HC job, other options for OC, what about the defense, case for Willie, why Freeze could work best, importance of landing grad transfer QB and other odds and ends


(12/5/18): Parting shots at Walt Bell, the excitement of chasing new blood, Josh Ball uphill future

December 5, 2018

Topics of discussion:

Walt Bell signs off, player tweets odd farewell.

Why do the Howell's have so much faith in Bell?

If you're gonna be 5-7 at least chase some big fish in the offseason.

Thoughts on Hugh Freeze and what a 'big name' hire would mean to Taggart's tenure.

Josh Ball likely to face resistance if he returns to FSU after ex issues strongly worded statement.


(12/4/18): Ira tags in as Walt Bell bolts for UMass, what’s Willie to do, recruiting blowback

December 4, 2018
Segment 1: Ira Schoffel hops on to help make sense of the Walt Bell defection.

Segment 2: (34:00) Michael Langston gives the cold hard truth on the recruiting ramifications.

Segment 3: (43:20) #11 Noles take down Troy in men's hoops, (47:00) if Willie doesn't get this one right...​

Music: Incubus - Nice To Know You, Relient K - I'm Taking You With Me, Jay-Z - Heart of the City


(12/3/18): The gap between the elite and FSU in football, ladies win national title on pitch

December 3, 2018

Championship Weekend reveals the long climb ahead to get back to the top.

Ladies win NCAA national title in soccer.


(11/29/18): Hoops triumphs, bare minimum changes, ‘Renegade Express’

November 29, 2018

Pre-game show: Quick thoughts on FSU's 73-72 win over Purdue

(2:18): Wholesale changes unlikely...so how much improvement awaits?
(11:36): Paul Johnson: good night, sweet prince.
(12:45) 'Renegade Express' - discipline, buddy-buddy vs. scorched earth, why did Blackman redshirt, blaming Jimbo, next most important hire and plenty more
(1:20:10): Hoops recap


(11/27/18): Poking holes in the preparation, all-conference teams, potpourri

November 27, 2018

Scrutinizing the practices and preparation of the 2018 'Noles.
5-7 can't help recruiting -- the guys disagree on how much it will hurt.
Corey's All-ACC ballot.
Jimbo's nephew, return of the 'Mack', racist guy fired.