Postgame Podcast: Florida State 77, Delaware State 6 plus Justin Motlow

November 18, 2017

Ryan and Gene chat about FSU's expected victory over DSU.


(11/17/17): FSU coaching updates, recruiting news, and DSU predictions

November 17, 2017

Ryan and Gene discuss the latest coaching whispers at FSU, Michael Langston breaks down what it all means for recruiting and the crew does their weekly Over/Unders and Lucky 7.


(11/16/17): Youth movement at Florida State

November 16, 2017

Ryan and Drew take a look at the young players that've been able to contribute in the 2017 season and more!


(11/15/17): Jimbo Fisher rumors and FSU basketball victorious

November 15, 2017

Ryan and Drew take a look at the Jimbo Fisher-TAMU rumors and the pros and cons of both scenarios.  Also, FSU beats George Washington and the new CFP rankings.


(11/14/17): FSU football non-negotiables and Seminole basketball with Ira Schoffel

November 14, 2017

Ryan and Drew take a look at what you can't argue about the 2017 Florida State football season, chat with Ira for his thoughts, and take a brief look at opening night at the Tucker Center for FSU basketball.


Interview: Jimbo Fisher (11/13)

November 13, 2017

Gene Williams chats with FSU HC Jimbo Fisher after the 'Noles loss to Clemson.


(11/13/17): Florida State-Clemson fallout, Jimbo Fisher and more!

November 13, 2017

Ryan and Drew take a look at FSU's gut wrenching loss to the Clemson Tigers, Gene Williams chats with Seminole HC Jimbo Fisher, a look at Florida State's small margin for error and a crazy weekend in college football.


Postgame Podcast: Clemson 31, Florida State 14

November 12, 2017

Ira Schoffel and Ryan Kelly take a look at FSU's rough loss at Clemson.


(11/10/17): FSU-Clemson from a CU perspective, plus O/U and picks

November 10, 2017

Ryan is joined by Larry Williams of Tiger Illustrated for a look at Saturday's contest from the other sideline.  Also, Drew and Gene join for the weekly Over/Unders and Lucky 7.


(11/9/17): How does Florida State matchup with Clemson?

November 9, 2017

Ryan and Drew take a look at the lack of buzz for FSU-Clemson and the idea of what the 'Noles have to play for against the Tigers.  Plus a matchup breakdown and the Renegade Express with Gene Williams.