(5/25/18): Solo sojourn, ‘Renegade Express’ calls

May 25, 2018

Huge thanks to all the callers, you the real MVPs.

98% football. Press play. Enjoy.


(5/24/18): Famous defensive TDs, back to school under Tags

May 24, 2018

Segment 1: 'Most Famous' defensive TD; unbreakable FSU record

Segment 2: The King crashes Doak, ACC Network windfall?

Segment 3: A stroll down code of conduct lane

Segment 4: Ira Schoffel on FSU's improvement in the classroom and how it carries onto the field, likelihood of Josh Ball playing at FSU again.



Music: Rick Derringer - Rock n' Roll, Hoochie Koo, Royce Da 5'9'' - Boom, The Maine - Time To Go, Warren G - Regulate


(5/23/18): Josh Ball fallout, Noles prevail in Durham

May 23, 2018

Segment 1: The dynamics of law and code of conduct.
Segment 2:....now what?
Segment 3: Noles prevail on Day 1 of ACC baseball tourney.
Segment 4: Randomness.

Music: Ice Cube - Pushin Weight, Candlebox - You, Strung Out - Novella, Outkast - The Art of Storytellin.


(5/22/18): Famous runs and a run on the bank for CFB

May 22, 2018

Segment 1: ACC baseball tourney commences!
Segment 2: Corey is smarter than us.
Segment 3: Preseason polls.
Segment 4: When will the money run dry?

Music: Relient K - Bite My Tongue, Dr. Dre - Lil' Ghetto Boy, New Found Glory - All About Her, All-American Rejects - Move Along


(5/21/18): Noles on the diamond, Ira on ACC Meetings, ‘Renegade’ remainders

May 21, 2018

Segment 1: Sizing up baseball, softball as postseason chases are on.

Segment 2: Ira Schoffel breaks down the news from the ACC Meetings.

Segment 3: Redshirting baseball players, Aslan's worst date ever.

Segment 4: Recruiting thoughts, cameo from "Jimbo" and setting the floor for 2018.


Music: Disclosure - Latch. Foo Fighters - My Hero. Chromeo - Bedroom Calling. The Used - I Caught Fire.


(5/18/18): The tribe has spoken

May 18, 2018

*NOTE: Several messages to the 'Renegade Express' voice mailbox were not visible at the time of recording -- we will get to those on Monday. Thanks for calling in, everyone!

Aslan and Corey -- separated by hundreds of miles -- brave the elements for a Friday extravaganza. On the show: best (or is it worst?) rival coach, worst fan bases, pay the players, Jimbo vs. UF, recruiting needs, FSU baseball expectations and a whole bunch more.


(5/16/18): Paying players, scheduling snafu

May 16, 2018

Segment 1: Willie says pays the players but...

Segment 2: Players continuing to give back.

Segment 3: Noles going to Boise in 2020. Cool?

Segment 4: Coaching up your children.

Music: Trick Daddy - In The Wind. Muse - Starlight. Foo Fighters - Walk. The Films - Belt Loops.


(5/15/18): Gambling on the Noles, chain of command, battleground cities

May 15, 2018

Segment 1: Gambling is soon to be legal...what are the odds on FSU offensive production.

Segment 2: 6 mins of Aslan's dating life horror....defensive production odds.

Segment 3: Corey continues Aslan's dating misery...but then a really good conversation about coaching dynamics.

Segment 4: Help our friends in Jefferson County get a FSU booster club up and running!

Music: Arrested Development - Mr. Wendal. SoulDecision - Faded. Chromeo - Juice. Taj Mahal - Chevrolet


(5/14/18): Solid (gold) Seminole Weekend

May 14, 2018

1. Softball, T&F claim titles.
2. Summing up the offseason.
3. Fans robbed of a season in '17?
4. Baseball peels open can.


Music: Paul Westerberg - Love You In The Fall, T.I.- What You Know About That. Heartless Breakers - Bitter Melodies. The Maine - Count 'Em One, Two, Three.


(5/11/18): Willie’s resume, uni’s and OT edition of ‘Renegade Express’

May 11, 2018

Segment 1: Taggart misses cut on a preseason list.

Segment 2: Aslan gets sacrelig on uni talk.

Segment 3: 'Me Too', QB factions, Jordan brand. 

Segment 4: Taggart's temperment.

OT: Prime UF vs. prime FSU.


Music: Obie Trice - Since They Wanna Know, Cam'Ron - Oh Boy, SR 71 - Right Now, Something Corporate - I Woke Up In A Car.